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The creative works of Steven W. Fiore - songwriter, designer, etc.

Small is the New Tall

the creative works of Steven W. Fiore | songwriter, designer, etc.


You can consider me a mad-scientist creator of sorts. Essentially, most of what I do always makes perfect sense to me in theory, but often concludes in some kind of allegorical test-tube explosion, leaving me to wash the soot off of my face and waste no time getting fired up about the next concept.

This catchall label will serve as a host for these ambitious endeavors. It might be a makeshift record label for one project or a design studio for the next. Either way, I hope you will find something useful here.



Gentle, sincere, and built with a strong hook. | Consequence of Sound


Young Mister is me, Steven Fiore, an established and not-so-established songwriter based in Tryon, North Carolina. These days, I spend a lot of time at home, writing and recording songs in my office/studio self dubbed “The Study”, and sending them out into the world with no expectations whatsoever.



Eat, drink, and make good music.


Not so long ago, I started hosting writing camps at my farm house in the more rural area of Chapel Hill, NC. Thirty-six acres of hilly fields and a 100 year old barn-shack-turned-studio made for a pretty inspiring place to disconnect, relax and then of course, write songs. Now settled deep in the mountains of western North Carolina, I will be reviving the experience with a Blue Ridge twist.

Sporadically throughout the year, I will host 1-2 writers for two days of hiking,
swimming, drinking, eating, and writing when it feels right. 


This is what happens.

Courtney Marie Andrews / Dillon Warnek - Still Young

Johnny Delaware - Always Taken Care Of



Good design is honest. | Dieter Rams


Having taught myself to create my own show posters and album artwork at the age of 18, I developed a passion for clean design that spread to friends, friends of friends, and so on in the years that followed. Though I am no longer in the freelance world, I do still welcome all proposals and would love to collaborate if it makes sense on both sides.

Holler at me. 


okay bye

Thanks for stopping by. 


Our task must be to free ourselves by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty.

Albert Einstein