Welcome. Willkommen. Come on in.


The first blog. There's a lot of pressure here. First impressions are everything, so if I screw this up, we'll probably never see you again. Here goes nothing. 

Thanks for taking the time to check out yet another one of 822,240 websites that were created on the internet today. It's true, I googled. This little idea of mine has been brewing for quite some time but due to life movements and time restraints, I wasn't able to put it together until now. The concept is simple, really: assemble a collective of respected songwriters to craft solid, well thought-out songs and fight like hell to get them onto the airwaves.

Located on 36 acres of overgrown farmland, a barn-like shack converted into a modest studio space, overlooks a field of breezy tall grass. That's where the work gets done. We aim to have artists come from all over to stay in the farmhouse, drink our whiskey and write songs that would make both your grandfather and your future grandsons proud. 

I'll leave it at that for now, but stay tuned for more. 

Steven FioreComment