Ladies and Gentlemen, miss Haley Shaw.


Haley is the jam. She's been both a musical colleague and a good friend for almost a decade. I was immediately blown away when I first heard her 9 years ago and I continue to be amazed by her understated talent. 

It brings me great joy to tell you all that Haley Shaw will be the first guest in the shack. She's coming up to Chapel Hill today and letting me try out my chops as a producer with 4 of her latest tracks, to be released on a EP this Fall. I've been working out arrangements for the past few weeks and let me tell you, these are heartbreakers, in the best way possible. There's also some talk of a co-write, which may also make the EP. All really exciting stuff, folks. 

I'll be posting instagraming and blogging updates throughout the remainder of the week, so check back soon! 

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