Courtney and Dillon


I'm actually at a loss for words to describe just how lovely this weekend was. Courtney and Dillon arrived a day later than expected, which initially left us on a writing time crunch. However, I'll get right to the good part: 

After a mini late night writing session following their inspiring performance at the 506, Courtney and Dillon surprised me with their request to return after their show in Hotlanta and spend their two days off at the farm. The show after ATL was in Athens. They wanted to drive 5 1/2 hours out of their way to come back for the weekend. My heart melted a little bit at that moment. 

The weekend consisted of small town adventuring, eating delicious food (thanks to my lady, Sabrina), more laughter than breathing, and of course writing a damn good song. Courtney and Dillon are actually two of my favorite people on this earth now (and possibly my writing soulmates - really though) and I will be waiting impatiently for their next Small Is the New Tall visit.  

Below, is a video of the song we wrote, " Still Young". Enjoy.