Courtney Marie Andrews


Courtney Marie Andrews is our next guest. She and her (also extremely talented) boyfriend will be making their way to us from Virginia in the later hours of the evening. She is actually the most talented writer I know. Watch the video below and I have no doubts you'll feel the same.

Courtney and I met at a gig in San Diego. I was scheduled to open for her, or maybe it was the other way around. If I'm remembering it incorrectly, it's only because that's the way it should have been - me, opening for her. Regardless, I did what I normally do a week or two before the show and looked at who was on the bill. Speaking truthfully, you never, ever expect to find your new favorite writer. That's never happened to me and I would venture to say it rarely happens to anyone, but this was one of those special moments. 

About 15 seconds into the the song below, "It Keeps Going", my jaw dropped and hit the desk. I was blown away and had to do a double-take to be certain this wasn't some unreleased Joni Mitchell track. Two weeks later, her live performance broke my heart and I was hooked. 

In a world where truly good music (not the pop song on the radio that makes you snap your fingers, there's a difference) is increasingly harder and harder to find, Courtney is diamond among rocks. I'm extremely excited to work with Courtney and even more excited to get to see her live at the 506 in Chapel Hill the very same night, with yet another outstanding writer, Eleni Mandell. 

Until next time...