Aliens and Haley Shaw, part deux.


Well, the past three days have been pretty amazing. Haley's new songs are as pretty as they are inspiring. She tackles everything from love, to whales, to being honest with yourself all in one 4 song EP. That's pretty neat. 

We finished everything we set out to accomplish, which was to get all of her vocals recorded to the scratch demos I arranged before her arrival. She delivered an outstanding performance, no surprise there. In addition, we also co-wrote a lovely little song called "Delicate Things" and I'm proud to say that it's going to be one of the four songs on this EP. 

Haley left this morning, and though it was sad to see her go, we did end the trip with a morning conversation about alien conspiracy theories over some coffee and a blueberry bagel. It's the best way to say goodbye, really. 

Over the coming weeks, I'll be recording the instruments around her vocals and sending them down to Haley for her input and direction. Stay tuned for the Fall release date coming soon, but for now, here's a video of the song we wrote, "Delicate Things", to hold you over. Enjoy, friends and thanks for listening.