Young Mister is songwriter Steven Fiore, sometimes accompanied by a band of talented musicians from across the southeast United States. As a songwriter, Fiore has built a fanbase touring the country, and even occasionally performing as a guest vocalist in
Jeff Goldblum’s jazz band in Los Angeles

After spending 6 years as a writer for Universal Music Publishing Group writing for/with the likes of Howie Day, Ryan Cabrera, Art Garfunkel and more, Fiore is stretching into new musical territory as Young Mister with a self-titled album released in the summer of 2016 and most recently, "Soft Rock" a stripped down EP released through BMG's the Den. 


This is what I sound like.


Young Mister - Soft Rock | stream full EP


Young Mister - Young Mister | stream full LP

Anybody Out There - Live from Relix

Bob Seger is really underrated.

Coming to a town near you, fingers crossed.


Feel free to reach out.

mgmt@youngmister.com or 828.356.5277