Welcome to the sneak peek of the Young Mister Record Club. If you’re thinking,
“DANG it, not another crowd funding campaign!”, I’m with you and I feel you. That said, we as
musicians are constantly trying to keep up with the ever-changing world of creating and sharing
music, which often doesn’t come cheap, so this is my take on the whole “ask your fans for money” thing.

To join the record club, you’ll pay $50 and in return, you’ll receive access to stream
20 demos. You’ll then be able to vote on which 10 songs make the album, which will land your name in the liner notes as a “Curator” or something neat like that. I’m still workshopping your important sounding title. You will receive a vinyl when the record comes out, as well as a mastered digital LP of the remaining b-sides that didn’t make the cut, poor little fellas. There’s more to this secret society, including two more higher priced buy in options, with perks that I think will reflect the sticker shock, but these details will be further explained on the official launch date, sometime mid-January.

For now, enjoy the first two rough tracks free of charge, for a limited time.


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